Zoya Simakhodskaya, Ph.D. 
Licensed Psychologist
Do you reflect on your life and wonder, “Why am I unhappy ?  I have a career, a good home, friends, a partner.  What’s missing?  Is this as good as it gets?”

While you may be tempted to push those feelings aside, I would encourage you to listen to them.  They may show themselves as depression, irritability or anxiety. I believe that you have the capacity for growth and healing within you.  I will guide you to find the missing pieces and to feel the joy of self realization and genuine connection to others.

Are you feeling overwhelmed because you’re going through a transition?  Maybe you’re changing careers or going through a separation or divorce?  Are you ready to get help?

I am an experienced psychotherapist with expertise in the treatment of depression, anxiety, addictions, and trauma.  I also know from personal experience what it is like to go through a major change or transition.  I will help you find your footing again and use our work as an opportunity to grow.

Are you feeling stuck and unhappy in your relationship?  Or maybe you have a feeling that it could be better?  Are you considering getting a consultation 
or counseling?


I specialize in marriage and couples counseling.  As a Certified Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist, I will focus on negative cycles that became your enemy, and the hurts each partner experienced.  I will help you create a closer relationship between you and your partner.


If you are ready to make the next step, call or email me.  If you have more questions about me or my approach, click here.

I look forward to hearing from you.



"Everyone deserves to know who they are, to love who they are with, and to find fulfillment in what they do."

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